Prescriptions for weight reduction drugs have skyrocketed in recent times. By the top of 2024, the market valuation is predicted to develop to a whopping $21.09 billion.1 At this time, one of the vital in style choices are GLP-1 agonist medicine which are offered beneath two names, Ozempic and Wegovy. Each are from the Novo Nordisk drug firm — Ozempic is offered as a diabetes drug, whereas higher-dose Wegovy is authorized for weight reduction.2

The recognition of GLP-1 agonist medicine for weight administration has boomed in recent times, and it reveals — fairly actually. At this time, extra customers are fighting a aspect impact dubbed the “Ozempic face”3 — a situation that happens when an individual loses an excessive amount of facial fats, resulting in a hollowed, gaunt look, on account of taking these medicine.4

How Do GLP-1 Mimetics Work?

Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists work by boosting the hormone GLP-1. The drug was first authorized in 2017 to handle blood sugar ranges in diabetics, and, in 2021, the FDA authorized Wegovy to handle weight problems.5 Semaglutide is the lively ingredient in each.

Your physique naturally makes GLP-1 within the small intestines,6 and its major operate is to decelerate digestion, improve satiety, block glucagon secretion (a hormone used to regulate blood sugar ranges) and set off the pancreas to launch insulin.7

When used as an injectable medicine, semaglutide mimics the hormone, so the medicine binds to the receptor and triggers the identical results. Because of this, the passage of meals by your abdomen slows down, making you are feeling fuller longer. In line with an article revealed in El Pais:8

“Ozempic provides the sensation of being eternally full, in an effort to say goodbye to snacking, and be glad with smaller parts of meals. Quickly, although, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation can seem. After a couple of months, the ‘Ozempic face’ might present up within the type of prematurely aged pores and skin.”

Trims Inches Off the Waist, however Provides Years to Your Face

Once you take semaglutide, it doesn’t simply trigger you to shed fats from particular physique drawback areas; it may possibly additionally deplete your facial fats leading to misplaced quantity.9 When your physique slims down very quickly, the elasticity of your pores and skin, particularly on the face, will be severely affected.10 The outcome — sunken eyes, nice traces, indents and wrinkles, drooping cheeks, sagging pores and skin (together with beneath the chin) and modifications within the dimension of the lips and chin.11,12

Semaglutide has helped some to slim down, however at the price of ageing pores and skin, notably in your face. In a Forbes article, Mojgan Hosseinipour, D.O., a board-certified dermatologist, says, “Subcutaneous facial fats gives structural help; with quantity loss, there may be an accelerated aged look of the face with noticeable traces and wrinkles.”13

These bodily results could also be extra obvious in folks with skinny faces who’ve skilled drastic weight reduction. Aesthetic physician, Mar Mira, explains in an El Pais article:14

“[I]n obese or overweight sufferers, weight reduction doesn’t normally lead to vital facial skeletonization.

Nevertheless, shadows beneath the cheeks could also be accentuated by reabsorption of fats compartments, and facial flaccidity can develop into extra pronounced across the jowls and jaw line because of the lack of temporal and preauricular fats compartments, that are normally the primary to be reabsorbed throughout the growing older course of.”

Skincare Firms Are Taking Benefit of the Ozempic Face

A 2023 research15 notes how the rising variety of folks with Ozempic face are impacting the sphere of cosmetic surgery. In line with the researchers, “As the recognition of Ozempic grows, facial plastic surgeons should pay attention to each the impression on facial look and perioperative concerns.”

The research additionally mentions that strategies like dermal fillers, pores and skin tightening strategies and surgical procedure could also be wanted to handle extra pores and skin and restore a affected person’s facial quantity. This has prompted some skincare firms to organize for the surge of people that might need to tackle the growing older results attributable to Ozempic.

In a Bloomberg article, skincare agency Galderma’s CEO Flemming Ornskov mentioned their Sculptra pores and skin therapy, which boosts collagen manufacturing, and different fillers will help “restore” sufferers’ facial options.16

Some physicians have additionally commented on the modifications they see amongst individuals who took Ozempic. In an article revealed in Attract, Julius Few, MD, a Chicago-based, board-certified plastic surgeon, says, “I’ve seen a variety of sufferers for facelifts who’re on Ozempic, and the way in which their tissue behaves isn’t the identical. The pores and skin has extra of a doughy consistency.”

What’s extra, Few feedback that folks of their 20s and 30s at the moment are going past fillers — they’re additionally inquiring about procedures like facelifts, that are normally tailor-made for these over 50 years outdated.17

Ozempic’s Facet Results Can Be Alarming

However apart from the facial modifications, Ozempic and different GLP-1 medicine can produce other extra disturbing negative effects. A Girl’s World journal article,18 for instance, demonstrated the drastic weight reduction that Sharon Osbourne underwent after taking Ozempic. The 70-year-old TV persona misplaced a whopping 42 kilos.

Picture from: Girl’s World, September 29, 202319

The change to her facial look is noticeable and has develop into one of the vital startling examples of the Ozempic face. Nevertheless, the article quotes an interview with Piers Morgan that Osbourne did again in September 2023, the place she additional shared her disagreeable expertise after utilizing the drug:20

“At first, I imply, you are feeling nauseous. You don’t throw up bodily, however you’ve acquired that feeling. It was about two, three weeks the place I felt nauseous the entire time. You get very thirsty and also you don’t need to eat. That’s it.

You possibly can’t keep on it eternally. I misplaced 42 kilos now and it’s simply sufficient. I didn’t really need to go this skinny, but it surely simply occurred, and I’ll in all probability put all of it on once more quickly.”

Actuality TV persona Scott Disick has additionally spoken up about his dramatic weight reduction courtesy of Ozempic, and that he’s “searching for assist” to get off the drug after followers raised their issues over his alarming transformation, together with his gaunt face and sunken eyes. He has stopped taking the drug and is now working with a nutritionist to handle his weight.21

scott disick
Picture from: Twitter, Web page Six, March 19, 202422

Others who’ve been prescribed GLP-1 agonist medicine to handle different well being points have additionally spoken up in regards to the nasty results of Ozempic. In a At this time article,23 hospital employee Jeannine DellaVecchia mentioned she took the drug to “deal with signs associated to insulin resistance attributable to congenital adrenal hyperplasia and polycystic ovary syndrome.”

Regardless of shedding 30 kilos, she opted to cease utilizing Ozempic as a result of the negative effects had been “simply an excessive amount of.” Apart from the noticeable facial modifications, DellaVecchia additionally struggled with urge for food loss, nausea and vomiting.24

jeannine dellavecchia
Picture from: At this time, Aug. 14, 202325

Utilizing Weight Loss Medication Can Have Disastrous Penalties on Your Intestine Well being

The issue with GLP-1 agonists is that in the event that they trigger meals passage to gradual an excessive amount of, it may possibly result in well being points, notably gastrointestinal issues. One 2023 research26 famous that people who find themselves taking GLP-1 agonists had an elevated threat of pancreatitis, bowel obstruction and gastroparesis (abdomen paralysis).

A research27 utilizing knowledge from Eudravigilance, Europe’s system for analyzing antagonistic reactions to drugs, additionally discovered that other than gastrointestinal issues, metabolic, dietary, eye, renal, urinary and cardiac issues additionally occurred in individuals who took semaglutide.

One research notes28 the results on the kidneys happen extra typically in individuals who even have antagonistic gastrointestinal issues when taking the drug. And, as with DellaVecchia’s expertise famous above, many individuals developed “cyclic-vomiting syndrome” — a situation the place an individual vomits a number of occasions in a day. In line with a CNN article:29

“Emily Wright, 38, a instructor in Toronto, began taking Ozempic in 2018. Over a 12 months, she mentioned, she misplaced 80 kilos, which she’s been in a position to hold off. However Wright mentioned she now vomits so regularly that she needed to take a depart of absence from her job. ‘I’ve virtually been off Ozempic for a 12 months, however I’m nonetheless not again to my regular,’ Wright mentioned.”

As an alternative of Ozempic, Improve Your GLP-1 Naturally With Akkermansia

Taking drugs to drop pounds is one method to endanger your well being. Ozempic was designed as a long-term drug. In different phrases, to keep up your weight reduction, it’s essential to keep on the drug. One research30 discovered {that a} 12 months after stopping semaglutide, individuals gained again two-thirds of the load they misplaced — a situation known as the “Ozempic rebound.”31

As an alternative of counting on GLP-1 agonists, contemplate colonizing your intestine with Akkermansia muciniphila to spice up your GLP-1 ranges naturally. Akkermansia is a kind of bacterium that naturally secretes a GLP-1-inducing protein, which raises systemic ranges of GLP-1. Analysis32 confirms its capacity to enhance glucose homeostasis and ameliorate metabolic illness by this mechanism. In line with the researchers:33

“A. muciniphila will increase thermogenesis and glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) secretion … by induction of uncoupling protein 1 in brown adipose tissue and systemic GLP-1 secretion … [An] 84 kDa protein, named P9 … is secreted by A. muciniphila. [We] present that purified P9 alone is adequate to induce GLP-1 secretion …”

The right way to Restructure Your Microbiome

Akkermansia, extremely helpful micro organism in your massive gut, performs a vital function in sustaining intestine well being and will represent about 10% of the intestine microbiome. Nevertheless, it’s absent in lots of people, seemingly as a consequence of insufficient mitochondrial operate and resultant oxygen leakage within the intestine.

Consuming meals that help Akkermansia, reminiscent of polyphenol-rich fruit, and different helpful micro organism, and avoiding meals like linoleic acid — present in vegetable and seed oils in most processed meals — that destroy these micro organism, will assist to restructure your microbiome in a constructive approach. You too can use an Akkermansia probiotic complement.

One of many causes Akkermansia is so vital is as a result of it produces mucin, a thick, protecting gel-like substance that traces varied components of the physique, together with the gastrointestinal tract. Mucin kinds a protecting barrier on the intestine lining, shielding the epithelial cells of the intestinal wall from mechanical injury, chemical irritation from abdomen acids and digestive enzymes, and pathogenic organisms like micro organism and viruses.

Mucin additionally helps the immune system by trapping potential pathogens and different overseas particles, that are then expelled from the physique by the digestive course of. It additionally comprises antibodies and antimicrobial peptides that assist battle off infections.

Lastly, mucin serves as a meals supply for different helpful intestine micro organism. This relationship is important for digestive well being, because the micro organism fed by Akkermansia assist in digestion, produce important vitamins and assist preserve an general steadiness of intestine flora.

Avoiding Linoleic Acid Can Assist With Weight Administration

The abundance of linoleic acid (LA) in our weight-reduction plan is one more reason why many are fighting weight problems or are obese. This omega-6 fats is present in seed oils like sunflower, soybean, rapeseed (canola), cottonseed, corn and safflower, and lowering your consumption will help help a wholesome weight.

Ensure that to keep away from all processed meals, as these additionally comprise excessive quantities of LA, in addition to grain-fed hen and pork. Ideally, minimize your LA consumption all the way down to under 5 grams per day, which is near what our ancestors used to get earlier than continual well being circumstances turned widespread.

LA is present in almost all ultraprocessed meals, quick meals and restaurant meals as effectively. Because of this it’s greatest to organize the vast majority of your meals at residence. For extra info on linoleic acid, learn my article “Linoleic Acid — The Most Harmful Ingredient in Your Weight loss program.”

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