seventh chapter of Chikitsasthanam of Ashtanga Hridayam is known as as Madatyayadi Chikitsam Adhyayah. This chapter offers with the reason of ‘remedy of alcoholism and so forth’.

The subjects coated on this chapter embrace –

–        Remedy precept of improper use of wine in madatyaya (alcoholism)
–        Comparability between wine and poison
–        Results of consuming massive portions of wine
–        Position of wine in establishing normalcy of tissues
–        Time interval for treating madatyaya (alcoholism)
–        Vataja Madatyaya Chikitsa
–        Pittaja Madatyaya Chikitsa
–        Kaphaja Madatyaya Chikitsa
–        Ashtanga Lavana
–        Kapittha Panaka
–        Harshini Kriya
–        Ksira Prayoga
–        Yukta Madya
–        Madya prasamsa – greatness of wine
–        Considered ingesting of wine
–        Circumstances whereby wine ought to be consumed and averted
–        Want of wine to digest meat
–        Simily of garlic when it comes to wine
–        Tolerance energy of the one that drinks wine
–        Numerous advantages of wine
–        Actions to be carried out after ingesting wine
–        Methods of having fun with ingesting wine in a correct methodology
–        Strategies of consuming wine in correct methods
–        Wine for Vata predominant individuals
–        Wine for pitta predominant individuals
–        Wine for kapha predominant individuals
–        Wines appropriate for various dosha personalities
–        Time of consumption of wine in several dosha personalities
–        Rules of treating intoxication and fainting
–        Sannyasa Chikitsa – remedy of coma

Pledge by the writer(s)

अथातो मदात्ययादिचिकित्सितं व्याख्यास्याम: व्याख्यास्याम: ।
इति ह स्माहुरात्रेयादयो महर्षय: ।
After having provided prayers to the God, henceforth we’re going to clarify the chapter pertaining to the reason of ‘remedy of alcoholism and so forth’. Thus say (pledge) Atreya and different sages.

Remedy as per doshas in madatyaya (alcoholism)

यं दोषमधिकं पश्येत्तस्यादौ प्रतिकारयेत् ।
कफस्थानानुपूर्व्या च तुल्यदोषे मदात्यये ॥ १ ॥
पित्तमारुतपर्यन्तः प्रायेण हि मदात्ययः ।
In alcoholism when all of the doshas are discovered to be equal whichever the dosha discovered to be predominant ought to be handled first; then remedy ought to be administered at seats of kapha first, as a result of alcoholism typically has aggravation of pitta and Vata at its terminal phases.

Remedy precept of improper use of alcohol in madatyaya (alcoholism)

हीनमिथ्यातिपीतेन यो व्याधिरुपजायते ॥ २ ॥
समपीतेन तेनैव स मद्येनोपशाम्यति ।
The illness (alcoholism) which develops from insufficient, improper and extra use of anybody form of alcohol, will get relieved by the correct use of the identical.

Comparability between alcohol and poison

मद्यस्य विषसादृश्याद्विषं तूत्कर्षवृत्तिभिः ॥ ३ ॥
तीक्ष्णादिभिर्गुणैर्योगाद्विषान्तरमपेक्षते ।
Due to comparable motion of alcohol to poison, poison possesses highly effective properties and actions resembling penetrating (deep into the tissue) and so forth., wants one other form of poison for the remedy of issues brought on by the primary poison.

Be aware:
To deal with poison arising as a consequence of animals and bugs, the poison of plant origin is used and vice versa. Equally, to deal with the unwell results of alcohol, alcohol can be utilized.

Results of consuming massive portions of wine

तीक्ष्णोष्णेनातिमात्रेण पीतेनाम्लविदाहिना ॥ ४ ॥
मद्येनान्नरसक्लेदो विदग्धः क्षारतां गतः ।
यान् कुर्यान्मदतृण्मोहज्वरान्तर्दाहविभ्रमान् ॥ ५ ॥
मद्योत्क्लिष्टेन दोषेण रुद्धः स्रोतःसु मारुतः ।
सुतीव्रा वेदना याश्च शिरस्यस्थिषु सन्धिषु ॥ ६ ॥
जीर्णाममद्यदोषस्य प्रकाङ्क्षालाघवे सति ।
यौगिकं विधिवद्युक्तं मद्यमेव निहन्ति तान् ॥ ७ ॥
By ingestion of huge amount of wine which possesses properties resembling: penetrating, warmth producing, bitter, inflicting burning sensation the moisture within the essence of meals, undergoes extra cooking and burning. It assumes the properties of caustic alkali and produces mada – intoxication, tṛṭ – thirst, moha – delusion, jvara – fever, antardāha – burning sensation contained in the stomach, vibhrama – and extreme giddiness vata getting obstructed in its passage by different doshas aggravated by wine, produces extreme ache within the head, bones and joints. When these signs change into previous or not produced by wine (by ingesting once more) and such a want (for ingesting) turning into much less, they (signs) get relieved by the identical wine itself used judiciously and within the prescribed method.

Results of consuming massive portions of wine

क्षारो हि याति माधुर्यं शीघ्रमम्लोपसंहितः ।
मद्यमम्लेषु च श्रेष्ठं दोषविष्यन्दनादलम् ॥ ८ ॥
Alkali attains sweetness quickly by getting combined with bitter; amongst bitter issues wine is the chief and adequate to liquefy and mitigate the doshas.

Position of wine in establishing normalcy of tissues

तीक्ष्णोष्णाद्यैः पुरा प्रोक्तैर्दीपनाद्यैस्तथा गुणैः ।
सात्म्यत्वाच्च तदेवास्य धातुसाम्यकरं परम् ॥ ९ ॥
Wine by its properties resembling penetrating sizzling and so forth; described earlier (vide chapter 6 of nidanasthana) digestion kindling and so forth. motion, (vide chapter 5 of sutrasthana) and by nature of turning into habituated / accustomed, will probably be one of the best materials to revive the normalcy of the tissues.

Time interval for treating madatyaya (alcoholism)

सप्ताहमष्टरात्रं वा कुर्यात्पानात्ययौषधम् ।
जीर्यत्येतावता पानं कालेन विपथाश्रितम् ॥ १० ॥
परं ततोऽनुबध्नाति यो रोगस्तस्य भेषजम् ।
यथायथं प्रयुञ्जीत कृतपानात्ययौषधः ॥ ११ ॥
The remedy for alcoholism ought to be carried out for seven or eight days solely; by that interval (impact of time), the wine localized in irregular passage (locations apart from alimentary tract) will get digested. The ailments which proceed even after this era ought to be handled by administering applicable therapies which is prescribed for alcoholism.

Vataja Madatyaya Chikitsa

तत्र वातोल्बणे मद्यं दद्यात्पिष्टकृतं युतम् ।
बीजपूरकवृक्षाम्लकोलदाडिमदीप्यकैः ॥ १२ ॥
यवानीहपुषाजाजीव्योषत्रिलवणार्द्रकैः ।
शूल्यमांसैर्हरीतकैः स्नेहवद्भिश्च सक्तुभिः ॥ १३ ॥
उष्णस्निग्धाम्ललवणा मेद्यमांसरसा हिताः ।
आम्राम्रातकपेशीभिः संस्कृता रागषाडवाः ॥ १४ ॥
गोधूममाषविकृतिर्मृदुश्चित्रा मुखप्रिया ।
आर्द्रिकार्द्रककुल्माषशुक्तमांसादिगर्भिणी ॥ १५ ॥
सुरभिर्लवणा शीता निर्गदा वाच्छवारुणी ।
स्वरसो दाडिमात् क्वाथः पञ्चमूलात्कनीयसः ॥ १६ ॥
शुण्ठीधान्यात्तथा मस्तु शुक्ताम्भोऽच्छाम्लकाञ्जिकम् ।
अभ्यङ्गोद्वर्तनस्नानमुष्णं प्रावरणं घनम् ॥ १७ ॥
घनश्चागुरुजो धूपः पङ्कश्चागुरुकुङ्कुमः ।
कुचोरुश्रोणिशालिन्यो यौवनोष्णाङ्गयष्टयः ॥ १८ ॥
हर्षेणालिङ्गने युक्ताः प्रियाः संवाहनेषु च ।
In madatyaya (alcoholism) with predominance of vata, wine ought to be administered which is ready from flour combined with the powder of – bījapūraka – Citrus medica, vṛkṣāmla – Garcinia pedunculata, kola – Ziziphus mauritiana, dāḍima – Punica granatum, dīpyaka – Carum roxburghianum, yavānī – Trachyspermum ammi, hapuṣā – Juniperus communis, ajājī – Cuminum cymini, vyoṣa – Piper longum, Piper nigrum and Zingiber officinale three forms of salt, ardraka – Zingiber officinale, flour of corns ought to be consumed as meals, together with roasted meat inexperienced greens and made in fat, and soup of fatty meat added with fat, sours and salt consumed heat is helpful and raga and sadava (bitter and candy syrups) processed with tender fruits of Mangifera indica and Spondias pinnata; totally different varieties of soppy snacks ready from Triticum aestivum and Vigna mungo, pleasing to the mouth (tasty) comprise inside them ārdrika – Coriandrum sativum, ārdraka – Zingiber officinale, kulmāṣa – Cassia absus, śukta – Tamrindus indica and meat and so forth; accha vāruṇī – Borassus flabellifer and Phoenix dactylifera liquor which is obvious, candy smelling, salty, chilly and free from defects; contemporary juice from dāḍima – Punica granatum decoction of Laghu pancamula; śuṇṭhī – Zingiber officinale, dhānya – Coriandrum sativum whey (watery a part of curds) bitter water bitter gruel freed from precipitate oil therapeutic massage, powder therapeutic massage, tub with heat water, thick coverings (blankets and so forth), fumigation with thick paste of aguru – Aquilaria agallocha, paṅkaśca aguru kuṅkumaḥ – anointing the physique with mud, Aquilaria agallocha and Crocus sativus; joyful embrace by girl who has lovely breasts, thighs and hips and heat of youth such girls being engaged for massaging the body- all these are helpful.

Pittaja Madatyaya Chikitsa

पित्तोल्बणे बहुजलं शार्करं मधु वा युतम् ॥ १९ ॥
रसैर्दाडिमखर्जूरभव्यद्राक्षापरूषजैः ।
सुशीतं ससितासक्तु योज्यं तादृक् च पानकम् ॥ २० ॥
स्वादुवर्गकषायैर्वा युक्तं मद्यं समाक्षिकम् ।
शालिषष्टिकमश्नीयाच्छशाजैणकपिञ्जलैः ॥ २१ ॥
सतीनमुद्गामलकपटोलीदाडिमै रसैः ।
In alcoholism with predominance of pitta, ingesting of wine added with loads of water, sugar, and honey; juice of dāḍima – Punica granatum, kharjūra – Phoenix dactylifera, bhavya – Dillenia indica, drākṣā – Vitis vinifera, parūṣajaiḥ – Grewia asiatica cooled, added with sugar; resolution of corn flour or candy syrup ready in the identical means, wine combined with decoction of herbs of candy group (vide chapter 10 of sutrasthana) added with honey. śāliṣaṣṭikaṃ – Oryza sativa harvested in 60 days, consumed with the soup of meat of śaśa – rabbit, aja – goat, eṇa – deer, kapiñjalaiḥ – hen gray partridge, satīna – Pisum sativum, mudga – Vigna radiata, āmalaka – Emblica officinalis, paṭolī – Trichosanthes dioica and dāḍima – Punica granatum.

Pittaja Madatyaya Chikitsa

कफपित्तं समुत्क्लिष्टमुल्लिखेत्तृड्विदाहवान् ॥ २२ ॥
पीत्वाम्बु शीतं मद्यं वा भूरीक्षुरससंयुतम् ।
द्राक्षारसं वा संसर्गी तर्पणादिः परं हितः ॥ २३ ॥
तथाग्निर्दीप्यते तस्य दोषशेषान्नपाचनः ।
When the affected person has thirst and burning sensation, the kapha and pitta which have elevated ought to be expelled out (by vomiting). Consuming loads of chilly water or wine combined with juice of Saccharum officinarum or juice of Vitis vinifera; samsargi (routine of food plan after purificatory therapies) resembling tarpana and so forth. are perfect; by these the digestive energy turns into augmented which cooks the residue of the doshas and the meals.

Pittaja Madatyaya Chikitsa

कासे सरक्तनिष्ठीवे पार्श्वस्तनरुजासु च ॥ २४ ॥
तृष्णायां सविदाहायां सोत्क्लेशे हृदयोरसि ।
गुडूचीभद्रमुस्तानां पटोलस्याथवा रसम् ॥ २५ ॥
सशृङ्गवेरं युञ्जीत तित्तिरिप्रतिभोजनम् ।
When there may be cough with expectoration of sputum combined with blood, ache within the flanks and area of the breast, thirst, burning sensation throughout digestion and oppression within the area of the center and chest (nausea); guḍūcī – Tinospora cordifolia, bhadramustā – Cyperus rotundus, paṭola – Trichosanthes dioca – their juice, with saśṛṅgavera – Zingiber officinale ought to be consumed, adopted by a meal of meat of Tittiri hen.

Pittaja Madatyaya Chikitsa

तृष्यते चाति बलवद्वातपित्ते समुद्धते ॥ २६ ॥
दद्याद्द्राक्षारसं पानं शीतं दोषानुलोमनम् ।
जीर्णेऽद्यान्मधुराम्लेन च्छागमांसरसेन च ॥ २७ ॥
पाटल्युत्पलकन्दैर्वा स्वभावादेव वा हिमम् ।
When the thirst is extreme, and there may be predominance of vata and pitta, he ought to be given with juice of Vitis vinifera to drink, made chilly, it permits doshas to maneuver downwards after that is digested, one ought to eat meat juice of goat with candy and bitter herbs.

Pittaja Madatyaya Chikitsa

तृष्यल्पश पिबेन्मद्यं मन्दं रक्षन् बहूदकम्।
मुस्तादाडिमलाजाम्बु जल वा पर्णिनीशृतम्॥२८॥
पाटल्युत्पलकन्दैर्वा स्वभावादेव वा हिमम्।
When the thirst is delicate, he ought to drink wine added with extra of water, reserving (avoiding) the intoxication; water boiled with mustā – or drink Cyperus rotundus, dādima – Punica granatum, lājāmbu – and Parched rice or water boiled with Desmodium gangeticum and Uraria picta or with pātali – Trichosanthes dioica, utpala kandairva – tuber of Nymphaea stellata that are by nature chilly in efficiency.

Pittaja Madatyaya Chikitsa

मद्यातिपानादब्धातौ क्षीणे तेजसि चोद्धते ॥ २९ ॥
यः शुष्कगलताल्वोष्ठो जिह्वां निष्कृष्य चेष्टते ।
पाययेत्कामतोऽम्भस्तं निशीथपवनाहतम् ॥ ३० ॥
By ingesting wine in extra, the ap dhatus (watery tissues) get decreased and tejas (warmth) will get elevated. He who develops dryness of the throat, palate and lips, protrusion of the tongue and strikes his head sideward (restlessly) ought to drink, water as a lot as he likes, which is cooled by fanning over it.

Pittaja Madatyaya Chikitsa

कोलदाडिमवृक्षाम्लचुक्रीकाचुक्रिकारसः ।
पञ्चाम्लको मुखालेपः सद्यस्तृष्णां नियच्छति ॥ ३१ ॥
Contemporary juice of the 5 sours viz, kola – Ziziphus mauritiana, dāḍima – Punica granatum, vṛkṣāmla – Garcinia indica, cukrīkā – Rumex vesicarius, cukrikā – and Oxalis corniculata smeared contained in the mouth relieves the thirst instantly.

Pittaja Madatyaya Chikitsa

त्वचं प्राप्तश्च पानोष्मा पित्तरक्ताभिमूर्छितः ।
दाहं प्रकुरुते घोरं तत्रातिशिशिरो विधिः ॥ ३२ ॥
अशाम्यति रसैस्तृप्ते रोहिणीं व्यधयेत् सिराम् ।
The warmth generated by ingesting wine, related to pitta and rakta, will get localized within the pores and skin and causes extreme burning sensation. There, intense chilly measures ought to be administered. Nonetheless if it doesn’t subside, the rohini sira (vein which is barely crimson in colour) ought to be reduce (and blood set free) after strengthening the affected person with adequate portions of meat soup.

Kaphaja Madatyaya Chikitsa

उल्लेखनोपवासाभ्यां जयेच्छ्लेष्मोल्बणं पिबेत् ॥ ३३ ॥
शीतं शुण्ठीस्थिरोदीच्यदुःस्पर्शान्यतमोदकम् ।
Madatyaya (alcoholism) with predominance of kapha, ought to be handled by emesis and fasting, ingesting the chilly decoction of – śuṇṭhī – Zingiber officinale, sthirā – Terminalia chebula, udīcya – Pavonia odorata, duḥsparśā – Alhagi camelorum or of some other (comparable) herbs.

Kaphaja Madatyaya Chikitsa

निरामं क्षुधितं काले पाययेद्बहुमाक्षिकम् ॥ ३४ ॥
शार्करं मधु वा जीर्णमरिष्टं सीधुमेव वा ।
रूक्षतर्पणसंयुक्तं यवानीनागरान्वितम् ॥ ३५ ॥
When there isn’t any ama (undigested supplies) within the alimentary tract, the affected person being hungry, he ought to drink Makshika kind of honey or Sharkara kind of honey, or fermented liquid fermented sugar-cane juice which is combined with dry (fats free) tarpana (flour dissolved in water) added with Trachyspermum ammi and Zingiber officinale.

Kaphaja Madatyaya Chikitsa

यूषेण यवगोधूमं तनुनाऽल्पेन भोजयेत् ।
उष्णाम्लकटुतिक्तेन कौलत्थेनाल्पसर्पिषा ॥ ३६ ॥
शुष्कमूलकजैश्छागै रसैर्वा धन्वचारिणाम् ।
साम्लवेतसवृक्षाम्लपटोलीव्योषदाडिमैः ॥ ३७ ॥
He ought to eat meals ready from yava – Hordeum vulgare, godhūmaṃ – or Triticum aestivum together with little amount of skinny soups of kulattha – Dolichos biflorus made heat, processed with little amount of bitter, pungent and bitter substance and little or no of ghee or with soup of dry Raphanus sativus; with goat meat juice or with soup of meat of animals of desert-like lands, combined with amlavetasa – Garcinia pedunculata, vṛkṣāmla – Garcinia indica, paṭolī – Trichosanthes dioica, vyoṣa – Piper longum, Piper nigrum and Zingiber officinale, dāḍima – Punica granatum.

Kaphaja Madatyaya Chikitsa

प्रभूतशुण्ठीमरिचहरितार्द्रकपेशिकम् ।
बीजपूररसाद्यम्लभृष्टनीरसवर्तितम् ॥ ३८ ॥
करीरकरमर्दादि रोचिष्णु बहुशालनम् ।
प्रव्यक्ताष्टाङ्गलवणं विकल्पितनिमर्दकम् ॥ ३९ ॥
यथाग्नि भक्षयन् मांसं माधवं निगदं पिबेत् ।
Rectangular items of inexperienced greens along with extra of Zingiber officinale and Piper nigrum, fried in bitter juices of Citrus medica and so forth., devoid of moisture; ought to be given to eat, karīra – Capparis decidua, karamarda – Carissa carandas that are tasty and really inexperienced, added with extra of astanga lavana (described within the subsequent verse) and ready in several methods ought to be partaken, meat ought to be consumed by sustaining the energy of digestive hearth and wine ready from honey which is unspoilt ought to be drunk.

Ashtanga Lavana

सितासौवर्चलाजाजीतिन्तिडीकाम्लवेतसम् ॥ ४० ॥
त्वगेलामरिचार्धांशमष्टाङ्गलवणं हितम् ।
स्रोतोविशुद्ध्यग्निकरं कफप्राये मदात्यये ॥ ४१ ॥
sitā – sugar, sauvarcala – black salt, ajājī – Cuminum cyminum, tintiḍīka – Rhus parviflora, amlavetasam – Garcinia pedunculata – every one half; tvak – Cinnamomum zeylanica, elā – Elettaria cardamomum, marica – Piper nigrum, half half every, powered collectively is called astanga lavana, is helpful in madatyaya with predominance of kapha; it clears the channels and augments the digestive hearth.

Kaphaja Madatyaya Chikitsa

रूक्षोष्णोद्वर्तनोद्घर्षस्नानभोजनलङ्घनैः ।
सकामाभिः सह स्त्रीभिर्युक्त्या जागरणेन च ॥ ४२ ॥
मदात्ययः कफप्रायः शीघ्रं समुपशाम्यति ।
Madatyaya with predominance of kapha will get relieved quickly by dry and warmth therapeutic massage trampling by foot, tub, bhojana, fasting, and firm of sensuous girls and even handed avoidance of sleep.

Kaphaja Madatyaya Chikitsa

यदिदं कर्म निर्दिष्टं पृथग्दोषबलं प्रति ॥ ४३ ॥
सन्निपाते दशविधे तच्छेषेऽपि विकल्पयेत् ।
The remedy indicated thus far, in respect of every dosha individually ought to be adopted for the ten sorts of sannipata (Tridoshas elevated with various ranges) and likewise for the remaining varieties.

Kapittha Panaka

त्वङ्नागपुष्पमगधामरिचाजाजिधान्यकैः ॥ ४४ ॥
परूषकमधूकैलासुराह्वैश्च सितान्वितैः ।
सकपित्थरसं हृद्यं पानकं शशिबोधितम् ॥ ४५ ॥
मदात्ययेषु सर्वेषु पेयं रुच्यग्निदीपनम् ।
Candy syrup ready from the juice of kapittha – Limonia acidissima added with powder of tvak – Cinnamomum zeylanicum, nāgapuṣpa – Messua ferrea, magadhā – Piper longum, marica – Piper nigrum ajāji – Cuminum cyminum, dhānyaka – Coriandrum sativum, parūṣaka – Grewia asiatica, madhūka – Glycyrrhiza glabra, elā – Elettaria cardamomum, surāhva – Cedrus deodara and sugar accredited by the moon (made cool by retaining it in moonlight) is a cordial drink in all forms of alcoholism, improves style and digestive hearth.

Harshini Kriya

नाविक्षोभ्य मनो मद्यं शरीरमविहन्य वा ॥ ४६ ॥
कुर्यान्मदात्ययं तस्मादिष्यते हर्षणी क्रिया ।
Wine, causes intoxication neither with out disorganizing / vitiating the thoughts nor with out destroying the (tissues of) physique. Therefore all strategies which convey pleasure / happiness are desired (required).

Ksheera Prayoga

संशुद्धिशमनाद्येषु मददोषः कृतेष्वपि ॥ ४७ ॥
न चेच्छाम्येत् कफे क्षीणे जाते दौर्बल्यलाघवे ।
तस्य मद्यविदग्धस्य वातपित्ताधिकस्य च ॥ ४८ ॥
ग्रीष्मोपतप्तस्य तरोर्यथा वर्षं तथा पयः ।
मद्यक्षीणस्य हि क्षीणं क्षीरमाश्वेव व पुष्यति ॥ ४९ ॥
ओजस्तुल्यं गुणैः सर्वैर्विपरीतं च मद्यतः ।
पयसा विहते रोगे बले जाते निवर्तयेत् ॥ ५० ॥
क्षीरप्रयोगं मद्यं च क्रमेणाल्पाल्पमाचरेत् ।
न विक्षयध्वंसकोत्थैः स्पृशेतोपद्रवैर्यथा ॥ ५१ ॥
तयोस्तु स्याद्घृतं क्षीरं बस्तयो बृंहणाः शिवाः ।
अभ्यङ्गोद्वर्तनस्नानान्यन्नपानं च वातजित् ॥ ५२ ॥
If the ailments brought on by wine, don’t subside even after purifactory and palliavative therapies, as a result of with the lower of kapha, debility and lightness (emaciation) of the physique developed for the one that has been over-burnt (with elevated warmth) by wine and having nice improve of vata and pitta. Similar to the rain is to the tree, (helpful) which has been plagued by summer time, milk is to him (extremely helpful) who has been emaciated as a consequence of extreme consumption of wine, the milk shortly nourishes the one that has been emaciated by wine. As a result of all its qualities are just like these of ojas and reverse to these of wine. After the ailments (madatyaya-alcoholism) will get cured (by means of milk), when the energy is regained, milk consumption ought to be stopped; use of wine ought to steadily be commenced in small portions, in order that he is probably not troubled by viksaya and dhvamsaka-diseases and problems (vide chapter 6 of nidana sthana); for these, as treatment, the usage of medicated ghee, milk and nourishing enema are helpful, so additionally oil therapeutic massage, dry therapeutic massage, tub and meals and drink which mitigate vata.

Yukta Madya

युक्तमद्यस्य मद्योत्थो न व्याधिरुपजायते ।
अतोऽस्य वक्ष्यते योगो यः सुखायैव केवलम् ॥ ५३ ॥
The one who drinks wine within the correct means doesn’t undergo from ailments brought on by wine (over-drinking). Therefore, the correct means of ingesting wine is described additional, which is supposed to convey happiness and luxury.

Madya prashamsa: Greatness of wine

आश्विनं या महत्तेजो बलं सारस्वतं च या ।
दधात्यैन्द्रं च या वीर्यं प्रभावं वैष्णवं च या ॥ ५४ ॥
अस्त्रं मकरकेतोर्या पुरुषार्थो बलस्य या ।
सौत्रामण्यां द्विजमुखे या हुताशे च ह्वयते ॥ ५५ ॥
या सर्वौषधिसम्पूर्णान्मथ्यमानात्सुरासुरैः ।
महोदधेः समुद्भूता श्रीशशाङ्कामृतैः सह ॥ ५६ ॥
मधुमाधवमैरेयसीधुगौडासवादिभिः ।
मदशक्तिमनुज्झन्ती या रूपैर्बहुभिः स्थिता ॥ ५७ ॥
यामास्वाद्य विलासिन्यो यथार्थं नाम बिभ्रति ।
कुलाङ्गनाऽपि यां पीत्वा नयत्युद्धतमानसा ॥ ५८ ॥
अनङ्गालिङ्गितैरङ्गैः क्वापि चेतो मुनेरपि ।
तरङ्गभङ्गभ्रूकुटीतर्जनैर्मानिनीमनः ॥ ५९ ॥
एकं प्रसाद्य कुरुते या द्वयोरपि निर्वृतिम् ।
यथाकामं भटावाप्तिपरिहृष्टाप्सरोगणे ॥ ६० ॥
तृणवत्पुरुषा युद्धे यामास्वाद्य त्यजन्त्यसून् ।
यां शीलयित्वाऽपि चिरं बहुधा बहुविग्रहाम् ॥ ६१ ॥
नित्यं हर्षातिवेगेन तत्पूर्वमिव सेवते ।
शोकोद्वेगारतिभयैर्यां दृष्ट्वा नाभिभूयते ॥ ६२ ॥
गोष्ठीमहोत्सवोद्यानं न यस्याः शोभते विना ।
स्मृत्वा स्मृत्वा च बहुशो वियुक्तः शोचते यया ॥ ६३ ॥
अप्रसन्नापि या प्रीत्यै प्रसन्ना स्वर्ग एव या ।
अपीन्द्रं मन्यते दुःस्थं हृदयस्थितया यया ॥ ६४ ॥
अनिर्देश्यसुखास्वादा स्वयंवेद्यैव या परम् ।
इति चित्रास्ववस्थासु प्रियामनुकरोति या ॥ ६५ ॥
प्रियातिप्रियतां याति यत्प्रियस्य विशेषतः ।
या प्रीतिर्या रतिर्वा वाग्या पुष्टिरिति च स्तुता ॥ ६६ ॥
देवदानवगन्धर्वयक्षराक्षसमानुषैः ।
पानप्रवृत्तौ सत्यां तु तां सुरां विधिना पिबेत् ॥ ६७ ॥
That which bestowed nice splendor to the Ashvins, energy of data which provides valour to Indra, supremacy to Visnu, weapons to Makaraketu (Manmatha) and achievement of pursuits of life, to Balarama, that which is invited and appreciated by the Brahmanas to the sautramani (soma sacrifice) who supply alcohol to fireside as oblations; that which was born together with Laksmi / auspiciousness, moon and amrta (nector) from the good ocean stuffed with all of the herbs and churned by the gods and demons; that which bestows exhilarating (intoxicating) energy which is current in lots of types resembling honey, madhava, maireya, sidhu, gauda, asava and so forth., by tasting which, the charming girl carry the identical title (of being charming) by ingesting which even chaste household girls additionally change into exhilarated significantly, by ingesting which even sages getting plagued by the god of affection, beat their curved brows, falling in love with girls, after which derive pleasure, and happiness to each (couple); by ingesting which as a lot as they want, courageous males combat with valour the military apsaras (celestial damsels) really feel exhilarated, by ingesting which, warriors sacrifice their life in wars identical to grass; that which regardless that utilized by males for lengthy intervals, in several types, but searched for every day bringing pleasure, as if consumed for the primary time, for its ecstacy of enjoyment; by ingesting which, individuals don’t get troubled by grief, emotion, lack of pleasures and concern; with out which assemblies, festivals and gardens change into lusterless (don’t give pleasure); with out remembering it usually, individuals grieve; individuals regardless that displeased with issues nonetheless examine them as heavenly after ingesting think about that even Indra (King of minor gods) will not be as completely satisfied as them; that which bestows unexplainable pleasures; by ingesting which, individuals assume themselves as physicians; which, in lots of colourful methods, imitates the beloved (spouse) by which the beloved (spouse) turns into extra preferred; which is praised as probably the most preferred, which yields love and pleasure; bestows speech (helps in talking with out hurdles), and bestows nourishment. Such appreciation is completed by the Gods, demons, gandharvas, yakshas, raksasas, and manusa (people) resembling sura (wine) ought to be consumed judiciously within the correct method.

Considered ingesting of wine

सम्भवन्ति न ते रोगा मेदोऽनिलकफोद्भवाः ।
विधियुक्ताद्ऋते मद्याद्ये न सिध्यन्ति दारुणाः ॥ ६८ ॥
Ailments arising from (aggravation of) fats tissue, vata and kapha, don’t have an effect on the one that drinks alcohol judiciously; these dreaded ailments don’t get cured additionally in individuals who don’t drink judiciously.

Circumstances whereby wine ought to be consumed and averted

अस्ति देहस्य सावस्था यस्यां पानं निवार्यते ।
अन्यत्र मद्यान्निगदाद्विविधौषधसंस्कृतात् ॥ ६९ ॥
There are numerous circumstances of the physique by which ingesting wine is to be averted, besides by those that usually are not affected by any illness and that wine which is ready from totally different sorts of herbs.

Want of wine to digest meat

आनूपं जाङ्गलं मांसं विधिनाऽप्युपकल्पितम् ।
मद्यं सहायमप्राप्य सम्यक् परिणमेत्कथम् ॥ ७० ॥
How can the meat of animals of marshy or desert-like areas, although ready within the correct method get correctly digested with out the assistance of wine?

Simily of garlic when it comes to wine

सुतीव्रमारुतव्याधिघातिनो लशुनस्य च ।
मद्यमांसवियुक्तस्य प्रयोगे स्यात्कियान् गुणः ॥ ७१ ॥
What will likely be good thing about administering Allium sativum which is extolled as curing dreaded ailments arising from vata, to the one that is disadvantaged of wine and meat?

Tolerance energy of the one that drinks wine

निगूढशल्याहरणे शस्त्रक्षाराग्निकर्मणि ।
पीतमद्यो विषहते सुखं वैद्यविकत्थनाम् ॥ ७२ ॥
Medical doctors respect and reward that the one that has drunk wine, undergoes straightforward extraction of international our bodies, situated deep inside, the appliance of sharp devices (for surgical preparation), alkaline cautery, hearth cautery and undergoes remedy for poisoning, comfortably.

Numerous advantages of wine

अनलोत्तेजनं रुच्यं शोकश्रमविनोदकम् ।
न चातः परमस्त्यन्यदारोग्यबलपुष्टिकृत् ॥ ७३ ॥
There may be nothing higher than wine to enhance the digestive hearth and urge for food, to alleviate grief, exertion and psychological rigidity and to bestow well being, energy and nourishment.

Numerous advantages of wine

रक्षता जीवितं तस्मात्पेयमात्मवता सदा ।
आश्रितोपाश्रितहितं परमं धर्मसाधनम् ॥ ७४ ॥
Therefore individuals desirous of preserving life for very long time, ought to drink judiciously; that will likely be good for all who’re relying on him, and is finest for pursuing the trail of righteousness.

Numerous advantages of wine

स्नातः प्रणम्य सुरविप्रगुरून् यथास्वं वृत्तिं विधाय च समस्तपरिग्रहस्य ।
आपानभूमिमथ गन्धजलाभिषिक्तामाहारमण्डपसमीपगतां श्रयेत् ॥ ७५ ॥
स्वास्तृतेऽथ शयने कमनीये मित्रभृत्यरमणीसमवेतः ।
स्वं यशः कथकचारणसङ्घैरुद्धतं निशमयन्नतिलोकम् ॥ ७६ ॥
विलासिनीनां च विलासशोभि गीतं सनृत्यं कलतूर्यघोषैः ।
काञ्चीकलापैश्चलकिङ्किणीकैः क्रीडाविहङ्गैश्च कृतानुनादम् ॥ ७७ ॥
मणिकनकसमुत्थैरावनेयैर्विचित्रैः ॥ ७८अ ॥
सजलविविधलेखक्षौमवस्त्रावृताङ्गैः ॥ ७८ब् ॥
अपि मुनिजनचित्तक्षोभसम्पादिनीभि: ॥ ७८च्॥
चकितहरिणलोलप्रेक्षणीभिः प्रियाभिः ॥ ७८द्॥
स्तननितम्बकृतादतिगौरवादलसमाकुलमीश्वरसम्भ्रमात् ।
इति गतं दधतीभिरसंस्थितं तरुणचित्तविलोभनकार्मणम् ॥ ७९ ॥
यौवनासवमत्ताभिर्विलासाधिष्ठितात्मभिः ।
सञ्चार्यमाणं युगपत्तन्वङ्गीभिरितस्ततः ॥ ८० ॥
तालवृन्तनलिनीदलानिलैः शीतलीकृतमतीव शीतलैः ।
दर्शनेऽपि विदधद्वशानुगं स्वादितं किमुत चित्तजन्मनः ॥ ८१ ॥
चूतरसेन्दुमृगैः कृतवासं मल्लिकयोज्ज्वलया च सनाथम् ।
स्फाटिकशुक्तिगतं सतरङ्गं कान्तमनङ्गमिवोद्वहदङ्गम् ॥ ८२ ॥
तालीशाद्यं चूर्णमेलादिकं वा हृद्यं प्राश्य प्राग्वयःस्थापनं वा ।
तत्प्रार्थिभ्यो भूमिभागे सुमृष्टे तोयोन्मिश्रं दापयित्वा ततश्च ॥ ८३ ॥
धृतिमान् स्मृतिमान् नित्यमनूनाधिकमाचरन् ।
उचितेनोपचारेण सर्वमेवोपपादयन् ॥ ८४ ॥
जितविकसितासितसरोजनयनसङ्क्रान्तिवर्धितश्रीकम् ।
कान्तामुखमिव सौरभहृतमधुपगणं पिबेन्मद्यम् ॥ ८५ ॥
After taking tub, providing obeisance to the gods, brahmana and proceseptors, after attending to his skilled work and others required of him, the individual ought to enter the ingesting chamber, which has been sprinkled with scented water and which is close to to the eating corridor; lean leisurely on a lovely cot, surrounded by mates, servants and delightful girls who’re pleasing, and listening to to group of story-telling vacationers proudly praising his successes via tales and eulogies; playful girls exhibiting their charms with their enticing stroll, songs, dances, taking part in of musical devices, enticing girdle put on, sound of shifting anklets, reverberated by the notes of the sport of (playful) birds, surrounded by girls sporting ornaments of gems and gold, of various designs, moist linen material, having numerous designs on it masking their physique elements who’re able to distracting the minds of even the sages; Lovable girls who’re endowed with even unsteady eyes resembling a deer; shifting slowly as a result of weight of the breasts and buttocks and shifting hesitatingly by the concern of the grasp, fascinating with their fluctuant youthful thoughts, intoxicated by the wine of youth and joyous actions and who’re skinny shifting hither and thither, and serving wine. Wine cooled by the air of tender leaves of Borassus flabellifer and petals of Nelumbo nucifera (made as fan) and by including very chilly issues (Santalum album, Vetiveria zizanioides and so forth.) which by its very sight captivates the thoughts and thrilling lust when consumed, combined with the juice of Mangifera indica, camphor, (kasturi) musk, scented by putting nicely bloomed flowers of Jasminum sambac in it, stuffed into vessels (tumbler) made from rock crystal or shells, and waves growing (within the ingesting tumbler); in such a scrumptious wine exhilarates the physique simply because the god of affection. Earlier than ingesting the individual ought to eat both talisadi churna (chapter 5 of Chikitsa sthana) or eladi churna or recipe which is sweet for the center or which retard ageing supply wine who ask for it, sprinkle the bottom with wine combined with water after which drink. The individual remaining brave and disciplined, performing these actions every day neither inadequately nor in extra, making certain all appropriate comforts ought to bask in wine retaining all needed issues prepared at hand. Wine which has been enriched in its qualities reflection acquired by the beloved spouse, who has eyes resembling the petals of the nicely bloomed white lotus flower emitting candy odor identical to the mouth of the spouse, and attracting flocks of the bees ought to be consumed.

Actions to be carried out after ingesting wine

पीत्वैवं चषकद्वयं परिजनं सन्मान्य सर्वं ततो ॥ ८६अ ॥
गत्वाहारभुवं पुरः सुभिषजो भुञ्जीत भूयोऽत्र च ॥ ८६ब् ॥
मांसापूपघृतार्द्रकादिहरितैर्युक्तं ससौवर्चलै:॥ ८६च्॥
द्विस्त्रिर्वा निशि चाल्पमेव वनितासंवल्गनार्थं पिबेत् ॥ ८६द्॥
After ingesting, two casaka (wine soup) he ought to supply farewell to his mates, and so forth., granting items to them, then go to the eating corridor, take meals within the presence of excellent physicians, with extra of meat, candy cake, ghee, Zingiber officinale and different greens (greens) added with black salt. At night time, wine ought to be consumed twice or thrice, in little portions to please the spouse.

Methods of having fun with ingesting wine in a correct methodology

रहसि दयितामङ्के कृत्वा भुजान्तरपीडनात् ॥ ८७अ ॥
पुलकिततनुं जातस्वेदां सकम्पपयोधराम् ॥ ८७ब् ॥
यदि सरभसं सीधोर्वारं न पाययते कृती ॥ ८७च्॥
किमनुभवति क्लेशप्रायं ततो गृहतन्त्रताम् ॥ ८७द्॥
The individual, who’s sitting in a secret place, retaining his spouse on his lap, getting excited by squeezing her between the shoulders, making her to sweat and shake her breasts, if he doesn’t drink wine not less than as soon as shortly, what else does he get pleasure from on this troublesome lifetime of a householder?

Strategies of consuming wine in correct methods

वरतनुवक्त्रसङ्गतिसुगन्धितरं सरकम् ॥ ८८अ ॥
द्रुतमिव पद्मरागमणिमासवरूपधरम् ॥ ८८ब् ॥
भवति रतिश्रमेण च मदः पिबतोऽल्पमपि ॥ ८८च्॥
क्षयमत ओजसः परिहरन् स शयीत परम् ॥ ८८द्॥
Wine made extra aromatic by the odor of the mouth of the spouse showing just like the fluid fashioned by the melting of ruby. In individuals who’re exhausted by sexual activity, although wine consumed in small amount and causes lower of ojas (essence of the tissues), so the individual ought to fall asleep solely after avoiding such lower (by ingesting milk, use of rasayanas and so forth)

Strategies of consuming wine in correct methods

इत्थं युक्त्या पिबन्मद्यं न त्रिवर्गाद्विहीयते ।
असारसंसारसुखं परमं चाधिगच्छति ॥ ८९ ॥
Due to this fact one ought to drink wine skillfully and won’t be left behind by (doesn’t get deceived by) trivargas (three pursuits – righteousness, wealth and want) will get hold of immense happiness (pleasure) on this nugatory / lusterless world (creation).

Strategies of consuming wine in correct methods

ऐश्वर्यस्योपभोगोऽयं स्पृहणीयः सुरैरपि ।
अन्यथा हि विपत्सु स्यात्पश्चात्तापेन्धनं धनम् ॥ ९० ॥
उपभोगेन रहितो भोगवानिति निन्द्यते ।
निर्मितोऽतिकदर्योऽयं विधिना निधिपालकः ॥ ९१ ॥
तस्माद्व्यवस्थया पानं पानस्य सततं हितम् ।
जित्वा विषयलुब्धानामिन्द्रियाणां स्वतन्त्रताम् ॥ ९२ ॥
विधिर्वसुमतामेष भविष्यद्वसवस्तु ये ।
यथोपपत्ति तैर्मद्यं पातव्यं मात्रया हितम् ॥ ९३ ॥
That is the enjoyment of wealth and is enviable even by the gods; quite the opposite, the wealth turns into the gasoline (trigger) of distress (calamity) and repentance in a while (for him who doesn’t comply with the routine of ingesting). The one who doesn’t spend any cash on wine, is laughed at as disadvantaged of enjoyment. He will likely be laughed at as a stingy individual, or as a protector of wealth. Therefore ingesting wine ought to be carried out in a disciplined method at all times solely this methodology is sweet, over the sense organs at all times engaged of their objects and setting them impartial this routine is for the wealthy and people who are going to change into wealthy. One ought to make adjustments appropriate to them; wine ought to be drunk in snug, modest amount,

Strategies of consuming wine in correct methods

यावद्दृष्टेर्न सम्भ्रान्तिर्यावन्न क्षोभते मनः ।
तावदेव विरन्तव्यं मद्यादात्मवता सदा ॥ ९४ ॥
The disciplined individual in the meanwhile ought to at all times cease ingesting wine earlier than his imaginative and prescient will get altered and the thoughts will get disorganized.

Wine for Vata predominant individuals

अभ्यङ्गोद्वर्तनस्नानवासधूपानुलेपनैः ।
स्निग्धोष्णैर्भावितश्चान्नैः पानं वातोत्तरः पिबेत् ॥ ९५ ॥
The individual with the predominance of vata (in his structure) ought to drink wine, indulging in oil-bath / therapeutic massage, dry therapeutic massage, tub, costume, fumigation, anointing perfumes and meals, processed with / endowed with unctuousness and hotness qualities.

Wine for pitta predominant individuals

शीतोपचारैर्विविधैर्मधुरस्निग्धशीतलैः ।
पैत्तिको भावितश्चान्नैः पिबन्मद्यं न सीदति ॥ ९६ ॥
The individual with the predominance of pitta, ingesting wine, whereas indulging in chilly companies (comforts) of various varieties, meals processed with candy, unctuous and chilly issues, doesn’t undergo.

Wine for kapha predominant individuals

उपचारैरशिशिरैर्यवगोधूमभुक् पिबेत् ।
श्लैष्मिको धन्वजैर्मांसैर्मद्यं मारिचिकैः सह ॥ ९७ ॥
The individual with the predominance of kapha ought to drink wine, indulging in comforts which aren’t chilly, partaking Hordeum vulgare and Triticum aestivum, meat of animals of desert-like areas processes with Piper nigrum.

Wines appropriate for various dosha personalities

तत्र वाते हितं मद्यं प्रायः पैष्टिकगौडिकम् ।
पित्ते साम्भो मधु कफे मार्द्वीकारिष्टमाधवम् ॥ ९८ ॥
For individuals of vata predominance wine resembling which is ready from flour and ready with jaggery/molasses are typically appropriate, for these of pitta predominance wine combined with water and honey; for individuals of kapha predominance, wines resembling mardvika (ready from Vitis vinifera), fermented decoctions and madhava (ready from honey) are appropriate.

Time of consumption of wine in several dosha personalities

प्राक् पिबेच्छ्लैष्मिको मद्यं भुक्तस्योपरि पैत्तिकः ।
वातिकस्तु पिबेन्मध्ये समदोषो यथेच्छया ॥ ९९ ॥
Individual of kapha predominance ought to drink wine earlier than lunch, of pitta predominance after lunch, of vata predominance in between (lunch and dinner) and he who has the doshas in equal proportion at any time he wishes. Remedy of intoxication and fainting by different causes

Rules of treating intoxication and fainting

मदेषु वातपित्तघ्नं प्रायो मूर्छासु चेष्यते ।
सर्वत्रापि विशेषेण पित्तमेवोपलक्षयेत् ॥ १०० ॥
For intoxication and fainting; the remedy desired are for the mitigation of vata and pitta, typically; in all of them predominance of pitta solely, ought to be taken care of particularly.

Rules of treating intoxication and fainting

शीताः प्रदेहा मणयः सेका व्यजनमारुताः ।
सिता द्राक्षेक्षुखर्जूरकाश्मर्यस्वरसाः पयः ॥ १०१ ॥
सिद्धं मधुरवर्गेण रसा यूषाः सदाडिमाः ।
षष्टिकाः शालयो रक्ता यवाः सर्पिश्च जीवनम् ॥ १०२ ॥
कल्याणकं महातिक्तं षट्पलं पयसाऽग्निकः ।
पिप्पल्यो वा शिलाह्वं वा रसायनविधानतः ॥ १०३ ॥
त्रिफला वा प्रयोक्तव्या सघृतक्षौद्रशर्करा ।
Coolant poultices, sporting valuable stones, pouring heat liquids on the physique, fanning (chilly) breeze, sugar, juice of drākṣā, ikṣu – Vitis vinifera, Saccharum officinarum, kharjūra – Phoenix dactylifera and kāśmarya – Gmelina arborea milk and meat soup processed with herbs of candy style, soups combined with juice of dadima (Punica granatum), paddy grown in 60 days, crimson number of rice, yavāḥ – Hordeum vulgare medicated ghee resembling ghrta ready from herbs of jivaniyagana (chapter 15 of sutrasthana), kalyanakaghrta (chapter 6 of uttarasthana), mahatiktaghrta (chapter 19 of cikista sthana), satpalaghrta (chapter 5 of Chikitsa sthana) or milk processed with agnika Plumbago zeylanica pippalyo vā – both Piper longum, silajatu, triphala utilized in combined with ghee, honey and sugar and used within the rasayana method-all these are to administered.

Rules of treating intoxication and fainting

प्रसक्तवेगेषु हितं मुखनासावरोधनम् ॥ १०४ ॥
पिबेद्वा मानुषीक्षीरं तेन दद्याच्च नावनम् ।
मृणालबिसकृष्णा वा लिह्यात्क्षौद्रेण साभयाः ॥ १०५ ॥
दुरालभां वा मुस्तं वा शीतेन सलिलेन वा ।
पिबेन्मरिचकोलास्थिमज्जोशीराहिकेसरम् ॥ १०६ ॥
धात्रीफलरसे सिद्धं पथ्याक्वाथेन वा घृतम् ।
Throughout the bout (of intoxication or fainting) it’s helpful to trigger obstruction of the mouth and nostril, ingesting of human milk (breast milk) and instilling it into the nostril, with honey and Terminalia chebula, lick the (paste of) both of mrnala (Nymphaea stellata), bisa (Nelumbo nucifera) or krsna (Piper longum) durālabhā  – Fagonia cretica, mustā – Cyperus rotundus with chilly water; eat the (paste of) marica – Piper nigrum, kola asthimajja – seed marrow of Ziziphus mauritiana, uśīra – Vetiveria zizanioides, ahikesaram – nagakesara – Messua ferrea drink ghee ready with juice of dhatriphala or decotion of Terminalia chebula.

Rules of treating intoxication and fainting

कुर्यात्क्रियां यथोक्तां च यथादोषबलोदयम् ॥ १०७ ॥
पञ्च कर्माणि चेष्टानि सेचनं शोणितस्य च ।
सत्त्वस्यालम्बनं ज्ञानमगृद्धिर्विषयेषु च ॥ १०८ ॥
Remedy applicable to the aggravated dosha as required by the energy of the doshas ought to be carried out; it is usually fascinating to manage the panacakarma (the 5 purifactory therapies) and bloodletting. Upholding the satva (thoughts) correct data and avoiding want within the objects (of the sense organs) are additionally wanted.

Rules of treating intoxication and fainting

मदेष्वतिप्रवृद्धेषु मूर्छायेषु च योजयेत् ।
तीक्ष्णं सन्न्यासविहितं विषघ्नं विषजेषु च ॥ १०९ ॥
When intoxication and fainting are very extreme it’s essential to do remedy prescribed for sannyasa resembling tiksna nasya (robust nasal medicine and so forth) and in these (intoxication and fainting) as a consequence of poison, anti toxic therapies ought to be carried out.

Sannyasa Chikitsa: Remedy of coma

आशु प्रयोज्यं सन्न्यासे सुतीक्ष्णं नस्यमञ्जनम् ।
धूमः प्रधमनं तोदः सूचीभिश्च नखान्तरे ॥ ११० ॥
केशानां लुञ्चनं दाहो दंशो दशनवृश्चिकैः ।
कट्वम्लगालनं वक्त्रे कपिकच्छ्ववघर्षणम् ॥ १११ ॥
उत्थितो लब्धसञ्ज्ञश्च लशुनस्वरसं पिबेत् ।
खादेत्सव्योषलवणं बीजपूरककेसरम् ॥ ११२ ॥
लघ्वन्नप्रति तीक्ष्णोष्णमद्यात्स्रोतोविशुद्धये ।
In coma, instant administration of robust nasal medicine and collyriums to the eyes, inhalation of medicated smoke, blowing of powder of herbs into the nostril, pricking with needles on the nail mattress, plucking the hairs, branding with hearth, bites by incrusts resembling scorpions, trickling contained in the mouth utility (rinsing) the mouth with herbs having pungent and salt tastes, smearing the within of the physique with (the pods of) Mucuna prureins ought to be carried out. After he wakes up, regains consciousness, he ought to be given contemporary juice of Allium sativum to drink, eat the tendrils of Citrus medica, combined with Trikati and salt; simply digestible meals in little or no amount and drink robust and sizzling (warmth producing) wine to clear the channels.

Sannyasa Chikitsa: Remedy of coma

विस्मापनैः संस्मरणैः प्रियश्रवणदर्शनैः ॥ ११३ ॥
पटुभिर्गीतवादित्रशब्दैर्व्यायामशीलनैः ।
स्रंसनोल्लेखनैर्धूमैः शोणितस्यावसेचनैः ॥ ११४ ॥
उपाचरेत्तं प्रततमनुबन्धभयात्पुनः ।
तस्य संरक्षितव्यं च मनः प्रलयहेतुतः ॥ ११५ ॥
He ought to be handled by actions which trigger distraction of the thoughts,recalling previous incidents and issues, listening to and seeing of the (males and supplies) preferred by him,listening to the nice sound of singing and musical devices, observe of bodily workout routines,therapies resembling laxatives,emesis,medicated smoking,bloodlettingtreated constantly (often) as a result of concern of getting related but againthese issues ought to be protected against these which produce destruction of the thoughts.

इति श्री वैद्यपति सिंहगुप्तसूनु श्रीमद्वाग्भटविरचितायामष्टाङ्गहृदयसंहितायां चतुर्थे चिकित्सितस्थाने मदात्ययादिचिकित्सितं नाम सप्तमोऽध्याय: ॥७॥
Thus, ends the chapter, madatyadicikitsita- the seventh in cikitsita sthana in astangahrdayasamhita, composed by Srimad Vagbhata, son of Sri Vaidyapati Simhagupta.

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